4 Hints That Your Business Needs A Sales Invoicing Software

Sales Invoicing Software

Countless companies all over America are migrating to sales invoicing software in a bid to be more productive, more professional, and more profitable. How can one little thing make such a huge difference, you ask? Well, that’s the beauty of artificial intelligence. If you’re still sitting on the fence, chances are that you will fall behind your peers, or experience challenges that have now become a thing of the past, thanks to sales invoicing software.

Any of the challenges we are about to name are hints that your investment in sales invoice software is overdue.

Grouchy, unproductive employees around reimbursement deadlines/ team do not make reimbursement claims

This is probably a sign that your claims process is too tedious. As is tardiness when it comes to claiming reimbursements. If you’re about to argue that all they need to do is enter the data and send an email to approval, well, to be fair hats off to you for a quick approvals process. However, it’s the very data entry process that’s the real obstacle.

And sales invoice software can solve this problem efficiently and cost-effectively.

Optical character recognition technology drives the receipt-scanning feature in the best sales invoicing software. This means that relevant data can be accurately extracted from a scan, smartphone photo, PDF, or online source. Once extracted, the user gets a ready-made digital text, which can be exported to a spreadsheet or go through the approvals email we talked about earlier.

This feature can also be used by your procurement/ supply chain team.

You don’t claim deductibles and reimbursements

You either lose the receipts by the time you get down to it, or the ink fades, or you simply haven’t the time – same as your employees.

Receipt scanning tech to the rescue!

Additionally, take back some of your precious time by using the at-a-click expense approval process. And take some tasks off of your overflowing plate by adding additional expense approvers, another useful feature that you will find in every decent sales invoicing software option out there.

Invoices are unstandardized, late, sometimes wrong, and sometimes forgotten

Your business is literally crying out for help if any of these is a regular – or even sporadic – feature. Unstandardized invoices and invoices with errors are highly unprofessional – such organizational traits could result in clients not taking you seriously. These can be construed as clear signs of inexperience or minimal enterprise scale. Late and forgotten invoices affect your cash flow and your profitability.

Sales invoicing software, as the name suggests helps you generate standardized invoices, offers you reminders when invoices are due, and updates you when your client opens or pays an invoice, and when an invoice becomes overdue.

Data is haphazard / has errors

Human error is a real thing, folks. That’s why artificial intelligence is the way to achieve completely error-free data. Sales invoicing software has tremendous value for your accountants and bookkeepers because data can flow directly from your business bank account to your books. 

Moreover, the best sales invoicing software – such as Dext – integrates seamlessly with most integrated accounting software that is popular in the USA and a whole lot more.

There’s more: All information is searchable (like you would conduct a Google search or a ctrl+F search) secure (by double firewalls) and streamlined.

There’s still more! Any errors in the data are automatically flagged up. Duplicates are deleted automatically from the system. And a record of any system-made and colleague-made deletions is maintained for back-checking and reconciliation. 

Conclusion: All of these issues can be resolved at a mere USD 20-25 per month. Answer your business when it cries out for help; do it today.

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