Everything You Need To Know While Planning For Studying Overseas


Education abroad is a dream many nourish deep within their hearts. But only a few can realize the dream. There are multiple factors that help realize that dream. When one is keen on an international educational degree, more than just studying becomes necessary. In this blog, we’ll try to list out all that and more.

First, be sure of the country you would want to go to. This is important because, every country has a different culture, a different way of operating and above all different ecological conditions. One needs to be certain they’ll be able to acclimatize themselves to all the above factors. For this, apart from an online research a mouth-to-mouth enquiry and asking around from family and friends helps a lot. A person who has an exposure to the place or who is well aware of the country would be the best bet.

Once the country is finalized, one needs to zero in on the university, based on their area of study and specialization. Not all foreign universities are better than Indian ones, some offer degrees that are not globally acceptable, some are not as reputed, and some may not have the best infrastructure or faculty or employment opportunities. Therefore, choose the university wisely too.

Next step is to understand the funding sources. Would you be able to bear all expenses, would you need a loan, would you need a personal loan or an educational loan, etc. are some of the questions one needs to ponder on. In some exceptional cases, there is an option of scholarships and subsidized fees based on the candidates’ merit.

Once these are taken care of, the less critical aspects need to be looked into. One of them being, accommodation. Where one is going to stay – hostel, rented apartment, the benefits and shortcomings of both the aspects would need to be analyzed and weighed. While living on-campus, is advantageous in many ways, like easy access to friends and co-hostel mates, and time saved on traveling, there are also some hassles like loss of independence and privacy in the same. One may choose to rent an apartment, based on their finances.

One needs to understand that their admissions will also be dependent on their scores in some of the competitive exams that they take up. Therefore, choosing the right exams and scoring the best on them would also be a point of focus.

That done, the various applications that the colleges send out need to be duly filled, stamped and sent because an incomplete application not only results in return of the same but also rejected application and loss of opportunity.

Alongside the mark-sheets and scorecards, one may attach a letter of recommendation by their professor, school/ college/ university too, as that helps a lot in character assessment. A letter stating one’s statement of purpose and objective, one’s detailed resume with curricular and extra-curricular achievements, would also add a weight age.

When all of this is sorted, and one packs their bags, they need to understand that Travel Insurance would now come into picture as not just during the travel but also throughout their stay in a foreign country, Travel Insurance is what would help. Loss of luggage, lost passport, health issues when flying or when in a foreign land, loss of documents, delayed or canceled flights are some of the other issues that a good travel insurance policy would be able to relieve the person of. Travel Insurance Policy pitches in especially an Overseas Travel Insurance Policy.

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