Close Ties between your Personal Finances and your Business Finances (How They Affect Each Other)


Owning a business is a goal for many people out there. Every single person fancying themselves an entrepreneur dreams of being their own boss, having free time and managing their money as they see fit. Most of them lose sight of the big picture by dreaming big and trying out their best in a disorganized fashion.


Nearly every business initiative begins with money as the key factor related to their ability to survive and not many people have the knowledge to handle money in the smartest way. If you are one of the dreamers looking to begin working on a startup and want to apply start up business loans in Australia, you better take a long deep look at your personal finances.

The way you manage money is a direct reflection of how you’ll manage a business. If you dared to do the test and feel discouraged already, don’t worry, there is a number of things you can do to improve the situation to fix your finances and get your act together to begin your startup initiative, let’s read on:

  • Manage a Budget

This one is the most basic advice anyone can offer. It’s almost common sense, especially these days and given the state of the world finances. If you are one to spend money without prioritizing your expenses you’ve already lost half the game in the business world.

You need to keep track of the exact amount of money you handle as income and then the distribution of every single cent. Even for things you usually disregard as non-important such as the money you destine for your own entertainment.

A business, no matter the scale of it requires basic knowledge of accounting even if there are service providers in the field out there. The decisions on where and how to spend the money you earn with your operation will ultimately fall on your shoulders.

  • Get a hold of your Credit History

Having full awareness of your personal credit history gives you plenty of advantages in the business world. If you have been responsible with the financial instruments provided by your banks, such as personal loans and credit cards, you’ll build a solid credit history that will reflect how responsibility with your personal finances.

This, in return, will be an indication to banks and loan agencies that you know your way around money and you are able to prioritize when it comes to making payments. If your credit history is less than stellar then you’ll need time to fix it.

You need to achieve some serious discipline levels to get back on track. While banks and loan agencies that ask for credit reports usually go no further than the latest 6 months on your financial behavior it never hurts to build a little bit more of time to create the right perception.

  • Learn How to Save Money

Saving money is the ultimate builder of credibility in the financial world. Once you have learned how to manage a budget and get your credit under control, you need to start saving money with a purpose. Even if your idea is to begin a food truck you’ll need some cash to go forward and the only way to do that is by having some savings in place that certify that you have some discipline to save money.

Being trained on saving will also lead to you being able to provide for hard times when your operation is not turning the maximum profit it can yield due to low business. As a business owner, you don’t even need to touch your own capital if you don’t wish to lose money since the savings account of your business can be put as collateral for a loan.

  • Learn How to be Business Savvy on Your Own

This one might the hardest piece of advice offered on these lines, but it’s also one of the most useful. If you want to begin your own business and you don’t have the slightest ideas about how finances work, you need to spark up your curiosity and learn everything you can to figure out if this is the right path for you. Starting up a business on your own eventually leads to increased responsibility as people gets dependent on you. You need to be ready to deal with that.

You can always begin with basic courses offered online. Even big colleges offer cheap business certifications that will give you the basic notions about business and finances. By learning how to manage money and expenses on your end regarding your personal life, you’ll be much more responsible when it comes to handling the money of your business operation. All you need to do is some homework on your own related to the market you want to approach.

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